"As a hiring Manager, I receive calls from many recruiters, all with the promise of good candidates. Allen Resource Group actually delivers on that promise. I have had great success working with Chris to staff my team with top talent. Having a trusted resource specialist to turn to also gives me back valuable time that I would otherwise spend reviewing profiles. ARG engenders trust on both sides by working ethically and honestly, refreshing in a field not typically known for these traits. ARG is my "go to" when I need to add engineering talent"

                                                                                                                                                        ~ Matt Van Kirk

                          Engineering Hiring Manager

"I had reached the terminus of a career that got out of hand at a very young age. I desperately missed doing highly technical work but had left a few years prior. I was found by Allen Resource Group who took a great deal of time to get to know me personally, professionally and technically. From that point a plan for my career was implemented and I was sent to interview for a very carefully selected position. I was very well prepared for the interview and had a great understanding of the role, company, culture and manager associated with the role. Allen Resource Group will not waste your time and will work hard to maximize your future earnings. I am currently in a role I have desired for ages but I did not have the experience nor confidence to get it. Thanks to Chris and Ken I am a much better engineer."

                       ~ Jonathan Gohl


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